Technology will rebuild this era. Merging technology with finance, BITINFI is dedicated in building an open and efficient crypto trading system and community.


People who work with you are the most valuables.

  • 4 tech geeks from MIT, Yale, Cambridge and HKU;
  • 3 traders from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Nomura;
  • 3 Compliance officers are from Deloitte, HSBC and BOCI;
  • 4 CFA holders and 3 CPA holders
  • 95% of our clients’ cryptocurrency assets are stored totally offline in cold wallets;
  • The encrypted private keys are stored offline in different physical vaults;
  • The multi-layer risk control scheme, in which the system and operation staff are totally isolated, secures trades and funds.

Risk Management and Asset Security

We regard clients’ assets as our own lives.


High speed, high concurrency and high availability

  • Our matching engine supports 1,000,000 orders per second;
  • Professional brokerage counter and quotation system;
  • Distributed database system and network topology ensure the high availability and high disaster tolerance.